Burnside House

Burnside House

A small tranquil warm house of courtyards, screens, timber decking, timber walling is an oasis in the suburbs. Two pavilions, with crisply formed timber picture frame facades, are linked by a glass enclosed walkway.

The front pavilion houses the garage, study and guest suite, screened from the street with a semi circular battened screen enclosing a private timber deck. The linear rear pavilion containing the main living area and master bedroom, opens out northwards to sheltered courtyards. One courtyard is shaded by high operable louvres with the timber deck acting as an extension of the living area, whilst the other provides the tranquillity of a Japanese style garden of pebbles, deck and deciduous trees.

A polished concrete slab acts as a heat sink storing heat from the winter sun which penetrates through the double glazed timber windows. The operable louvres provide flexibility for shading the living areas in summer but allowing winter sun to warm the house.

Year Completed



Sam Noonan