Jeweller’s Studio

Jeweller’s Studio

This project presented the dilemma of how to design an addition to a 20 year old strongly sculptured house. However, as the architect designed the original house, is a friend of the clients and near neighbour, innovative options would be freely considered. Practical space was required for the clients hobbies, his windsurfing and hers jewellery making. The solution was a development of the architects own studio (known as Tree Top Studio) and took a similar form as a two storey cylindrical timber frame tower.

Access to the upper level jewellery studio is via a small bridge linking to the house entry bridge, with the lower level providing storage for wind surfing equipment. The tower is clad in fibre cement and vertical pine battens. A most economical and simple structure that the owners would build proudly themselves. As with other projects, the architect encourages this involvement, accepting that perhaps a small loss of craftsmanship is compensated for by cost savings and more importantly the satisfaction of very personal involvement.

Year Completed



Sam Noonan


Commendation [Small Project Architecture]