Rawlinson House

Rawlinson House

A three pavilion concept was developed for this rural family home, located in a picturesque valley. The pavilion concept allows all rooms to enjoy beautiful views and receive winter sun as well as providing usable sheltered courtyards.

Dominant external materials of stone walling from the area, timber windows, steeply pitched iron roofs provide a timeless form compatible with the hills setting. The roof and gable ends are such dominant elements that it encouraged the development of a new roofing profile (now called Maxline named after the architect). This profile has since become a popular new product which provides the durability and economy of prefinished steel roofing with the beauty of traditional European zinc roofs.

Allergy control was a requirement so there is no air conditioning. Water pipes embedded over an insulated concrete slab can be heated in winter and converted to chilled water in summer, providing another innovative feature of the design. A photovoltaic array neatly integrated into the roof design provides most of the power requirements.

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Sam Noonan