Hills Retreat

Hills Retreat

Located on a sloping block in the Adelaide Hills this house emerges from the side of a hill and opens into a two storey form facing trees and a lush valley. A deliberate pallet of raw materials have been used throughout the house.

Nestled back into the hillside, the garage and entry feature rough laid local limestone. The two storey form is articulated into two boxes, each defined by their external cladding; naturally weathered timber and rusting corrugated steel. This split is further defined internally by the low, deliberate space of the entry, immediately contrasting with the light, high, void of the stair well looking through to the tall trees beyond.

Internally, natural finished concrete and timber feature prominently. A skillion roof soars over the upper level towards the trees and bush beyond. The cold hills climate was carefully considered in the design of the house. North orientation for living spaces and offices / studios was prioritised. Foam perimeter insulation is used to prevent heat loss from the in slab hydronic floor heating to external and non-heated spaces. Composite aluminium / timber double glazed windows were selected for their improved insulation value.

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Brad Griffin