Tree Top Studio

Tree Top Studio

Rather than undertake a difficult addition to a heritage listed, iconic 25 year old elevated steel and glass house, the architect chose to build a separate structure for his own studio.

This garden structure is a two level circular tower wrapped in golden plywood sheeting, with hardwood battens covering sheet joints and expressing the timber frame structure of vertical wall studs and radiating roof beams.

The dynamics of the structural expression is carried through to the interior, by repeating the detail of pine plywood and hardwood battens. Views of the tree tops and the sea beyond enhance a vibrant yet peaceful space.

The slope of the land allows access to the studio via a timber decked bridge, with a curved timber decked path leading to the house.

There is no artificial heating or cooling. Vertical banks of louvres provide ample cross ventilation in the coastal environment in summer, with the flat “lid” roof providing shade. Low winter sun provides winter heating.

Working on the principal that designers should be able to build their creations, the architect undertook all construction himself (except for electrical) including designing and building the circular table.

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Sam Noonan