Top Note House

Top Note House

There is a great Australian tradition of elegant grand rural homes, often presenting as pure linear symmetrical forms shaded by verandahs and surrounded by pastures against a backdrop of Eucalypts.

The Top Note House is a contemporary reinterpretation, bold in its form, but respectful of this tradition and its location.

A continuous curved window wall opens the house to its beautiful setting overlooking a lake with vineyards beyond.

Locally sourced stone from the on-site cellar excavation is reused for a dominant stone spine which runs through the centre of the house extending out each side to frame the entrance and outdoor terrace.

A glazed walkway links the house with the garage and cellar. An iconic satellite structure, named The Song Tower, pivots off this link providing a unique environment for music practice; providing privacy and encouraging creativity.

This house is not striving to be fashionable. The owners, as strong individuals, sought a house that reflected their diverse interests but with a timeless sculptural elegance.

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Sam Noonan