Surf House

Surf House

The strong use of stone and timber reflects the owners’ passion for the architecture of the 50’s and 60’s.  Another passion is surfing, so a site overlooking a renowned surfing beach completes the dream.

On the upper level, the kitchen living area focuses around a sheltered outdoor terrace, protected from the strong sea winds and exposed to the warming winter sun. Winter sun provides most of the heating requirements whilst cross ventilation provides summer cooling.

On the lower level, an intimate sunken lounge, curved couch and wood heater contrast with the spacious upper level.

The house has a variety of intimate spaces, different textures and materials specifically designed to suit the clients’ requirements, including a window seat for reading in the sun and a unique outdoor semi enclosed shower.

Water heating is solar, rainwater is collected and waste water is treated for garden irrigation. Landscaping with local indigenous species adds to the sustainable credentials and complements the natural materials.

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Sam Noonan