This inner suburban house of three pavilions in a rich garden setting presents a distinctly modern form but with gabled roofs reflecting forms of traditional houses in the area.

The elevated main living pavilion looks back over the courtyard garden and swimming pool. It opens to a barbeque terrace with its roof pitching up to invite winter sun. Golden plywood cladding to the high sloping ceiling and cabinetwork adds vibrancy to both the interior and exterior. This contrasts with the black polished concrete floor which acts as a heat sink receiving, storing and reradiating heat from the winter sun.

Lush landscaped courtyards and a pool stretch between the pavilions. Timber screening and a high operable pergola create a tranquil oasis that recalls Japanese courtyards. The main bedroom sits centrally on the axis of the lap pool, inviting the owners’ to take a daily morning dip.

The rear guests’ pavilion is separated by a more intimate thickly vegetated courtyard.

An unusual aspect of the house is that the upper level can be accessed by both stairs and long dogleg ramps. The ramps link the pavilions and offer the pet Dachshunds an alternative route for short legs. Ramps provide an effective future proofing for both guests and occupants as well as offering a more interesting journey than an enclosed lift.

Year Completed



Sam Noonan

Landscape Design

David Baptiste