Korra Weera

Korra Weera

Additions to historic buildings present a challenge in ensuring that the integrity of the original is not compromised while celebrating the new.

“Korra Weera”, an   1880’s mansion, had suffered through piecemeal additions to its rear and unsympathetic modernization internally.

The additions were removed and a glass enclosed rear pavilion added, with a glass link to the original.

A rectangular modernist pavilion with a timeless industrial aesthetic of fine black framing and flat roof is a strong simple form, appearing as an open garden room rather than a house extension.

Only the strong element of a stone fireplace repeats the materials and detailing of the original, anchoring the new to old.

Alterations within the existing were minimal, adding wet areas, and excavating under the floor to form a large wine cellar. Practical problems that often beset older structures were addressed including removing damp and increasing sub floor ventilation.

Work was carried out with reference to the Burra Charter guidelines for historic buildings.

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Sam Noonan